The Brief

Get busy people to understand the difference between colds and allergies in the summer months and empower them with the right information and tools to ask for Benylin or Sinutab instore.

With the EMEA territory’s ‘Symptoms Signpost’ concept as the starting point, the creative team at The Whalley Collective were awarded the pitch to develop a disruptive digital campaign that would create curiosity and drive engagement in a very drab category.

Johnson &Johnson’s business objective was +25% growth.


In the months following winter consumers are often unsure if their symptoms relate to a Cold or an Allergy, and they need help understanding which is which. Benylin and Sinutab teamed up to set out to help consumers identify the difference so they can request the right solution for them from their pharmacist.

Creative Solution

Whalley developed a gamified campaign called ‘Know the Difference’ in which consumers were asked to distinguish between two everyday things that are often confused – like a turtle and a tortoise, or a biscuit and a cookie. It went on to educate consumers that just like these, colds and allergies can be confusing too, informed them of the symptoms unique to each, and directed them to either Benylin or Sinutab as the solution.

Whalley collaborated closely with Johnson & Johnson’s media partner to create content that would be best suited for a consumer’s digital content consumption mode. Whalley also worked closely with Facebook’s Creative Studio on how best to utilise the platform for engagement.

Over 40 unique assets were created – including social stories, feed ads, a ‘fake live’ video gameshow, voting polls, YouTube bumpers, Adcolony interactive end cards and display banners. Whalley’s inhouse team handled all the editing, animation audio treatments and the game build.

TikTok assets were created that felt like they belonged on the platform and were produced by a UGC content creator. Key to this was utilising native features like filters and stickers. This campaign was supported by an impactful and well-executed Shopper campaign that received much positive feedback from shoppers who enjoyed its arresting 3D displays.

The Results

We won the hearts of consumers across these key iconic brands and shot the lights out of J&J’s business objective!

• #1 in Cough & Cold
• Sales grew +143% vs category growth of +67.1%.

• #1 Decongestant Nasal Spray
• Sales grew +59.4% vs category of +14.4%

In addition, this campaign won Johnson & Johnson’s internal award for Best Total Brand Experience Campaign. This award showcases the best brand idea originating off a proven insight that transcends communications to inform innovation, design, creative execution and overall experience through consumer centred marketing.




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