Travis Scott and Fortnite present: Astronomical

Travis Scott and the cross-platform game Fortnite recently presented Astronomical to the world. A performance that Scott did LIVE IN-GAME! This was not the first time that Fortnite bent the rules of societal gatherings.

Marshmellow did Fortnite’s first live event last year. Even Star Wars used the platform to promote their new film back in December.

Talk about knowing your target audience.

The ability to engage with gamers on their actual platforms while playing Fortnite was, technically speaking, mind-blowing. It was a power drop that blended the gaming and music world perfectly. And it’s no surprise as Travis Scott is a huge gaming fan. He combined his love for sports, gaming and music when he curated the soundtrack to the NBA 2K19, which consisted of 47 songs. The man knows where his talents lie, that’s for sure.

Check out the full Astronomical event in the video below.